White’s Bird Dust (chicken coating)

White’s Bird Dust (chicken coating)


Everything you need to make restaurant quality fried chicken at home.

With three fantastic flavours with No MSG or additives.

White’s Bird Dust (chicken coating)

  • Preparation/ Cooking Instructions

    6-8 servings. Pack will cover approximately 1.2kg - 1.8kg of chicken (depending on size of pieces)

    1. Marinate chicken pieces in buttermilk overnight. Short on time? Dip the raw chicken into a 50:50 egg & milk mixture.

    2. Coat your chicken pieces in the Bird Dust coating

    (Optional) Want it crunchier? Dip the coated chicken back into the egg/milk (or buttermilk) mixture and then back into the coating one more time.

    3. Let chicken rest for a few minutes for coating to really stick

    4. Deep fry at 165°C (350°F) until fully cooked. Want less oil? Use spray oil and oven bake at 200°C (390°F) or Air Fry until cooked.