Vic's Stir Fry (The Choice Is Yours)

VIC'S STIR FRY (The Choice Is Yours)


Create your very own stir fry!


First choose whether you want steak, chicken, pork or vegetable? Then choose what flavour you want.....EASY!


An oven ready Vic's Stir Fry. A selection of the finest cuts of meat, mixed with onions, peppers & mushrooms, in one of our amazing glaze coatings. A mouth watering quick and easy meal. Fantastic in the oven or great to stir fry in a wok or frying pan.



Argentina Fire: CELERY, WHEAT

Caribbean Jerk: NONE *

China Town: NONE

Chinese Char Siu: NONE

Firecracker: NONE *

French Garden: NONE

Garlic Butter: MILK

Honey Glaze: NONE *

Indonesian: NONE

Italian: SOYA: WHEAT

Kickin’ Chilli: NONE

Lemon & Coriander: NONE

Piri Piri: NONE

Rosemary & Garlic: WHEAT *

Southern BBQ: WHEAT *


Spicy Salt & Pepper: NONE

Sticky BBQ: NONE

Sticky Maple: NONE *

Sweet Chilli & Lime: WHEAT *

Teriyaki: BARLEY, WHEAT *

Tikka Tandoor: MILK