Gammon Slipper Joint

Our gammon slipper joints are ideal for roasting or boiling. If boiled, it will create what is sometimes referred to as 'mini ham' – an extremely tender and succulent ham. Perfect for a mid-week meal.

Gammon Slipper Joint

  • GAMMON SLIPPER JOINT Approx. (1.7 – 1.9kg)


    1x gammon slipper joint is 3-4 servings








    Freeze on day of purchase – Store between -18°C to -25ºC.


    Freezer shelf life is 1 months from purchase.


    Defrost in refrigerator for 8-12 hours before cooking.


    Once defrosted store between 0 – 5°C. Use within 24 hours.


    Do NOT re-freeze once defrosted.




    Boiled Gammon:


    If you’re going to boil your gammon joint, you’ll firstly need a pan big enough to fit the entire joint in, with room for covering it completely with liquid. Place joint into deep saucepan of cold water bring to the boil then discard the water. You can use water, fruit juice, cider, or whatever you fancy, along with a mixture of herbs to add flavour to your gammon. Simply cover your gammon joint with your chosen liquid, bring it to the boil and allow to simmer. To work out how long to cook your gammon for, weigh the joint when raw and allow 20 minutes per 450g (1lb), plus an additional 20 minutes.


    Roasted Gammon:


    You can also roast your gammon joint in the oven. Similarly to calculating the cooking time for boiling, firstly you need to weigh your raw gammon joint, but this time, allow 30 minutes per 450g (1lb), plus an additional 30 minutes, and cook it at 180°C (350°F or Gas Mark 4). Place the gammon joint in a large roasting tin, cover with foil and cook for the time you previously worked out, and about 20-30 minutes from the end, take the foil off. If you want to add a glaze, you can do this at about 20 minutes or so before the end to avoid it catching and burning. You can use any number of ingredients, including classic flavours such as honey and maple syrup, or even try something a little different, like marmalade, an orange and soy sauce glaze or any other of your favourite flavours.


    Boil and Roast Gammon:


    An alternative method is to boil the gammon for half of the calculated cooking time and simply to roast the joint for the remainder of the cooking time. If you want to add your favourite glaze to the gammon dish, add the glaze about 20 minutes from the end of the cooking time.








    If you have a temperature probe then use it to check gammon joint is above 71°C.

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