Chicken Lattice (choose your flavour)

CHICKEN LATTICE (choose your flavour)


Fresh Chicken Breast stuffed with a delicious sauce of your choice, glazed with one of our fantastic marinades of your choice and wrapped in a lattice pastry. Absolutely delicious!


Life made a little bit easier at Vic Hopkins & Son Family Butchers



Single Meal size is one serving

Double Meal size is two servings


Glaze Allergens


Caribbean Jerk: NONE *

China Town: NONE

Chinese Char Siu: NONE

Firecracker: NONE *

French Garden: NONE

Garlic Butter: MILK

Honey Glaze: NONE *

Indonesian: NONE

Italian: SOYA, WHEAT

Kickin’ Chilli: NONE

Lemon & Coriander: NONE

Pink Peppercorn: NONE

Piri Piri: NONE

Rosemary & Garlic: WHEAT *

Southern BBQ: WHEAT *